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Oracle Enterprise Data Quality 12

With my new customer architect hat on, I'm looking across a broad range of applications and services to help my organisation be more effective and productive. As a large retail organisation, customer data quality is key to our ability to talk to our customers...
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So what is life like, after Siebel?

It has been many, many months since my last blog update. Life has changed considerably for me in 2016 with my two kids growing up, school drop offs, homework and being aeroplanes in the garden taking precedence over writing articles and installing Siebel patches. In...
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Loading Siebel Sample Data into Oracle Server

Oracle XE is a a bit of beast, a pain in the proverbial to install and overkill for the purpose of a local Siebel database. However, it is at least an Oracle database and not a Sybase database, as it was in days gone by. What this means is that it is possible to use...
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Installing Siebel 16 on AWS

Well, it was only a matter of time before I ended up working with Siebel again! I've been introduced recently to Amazon Web Services - AWS to you and me. So this is what Cloud Computing is all about! I'm utterly gob-smacked by the power of this platform, the stuff you...
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Box Authentication in Python

I've been working on orchestrating an ETL load process from text files stored in the Cloud based file management tool, Box. Working with Python for the first time, I've found it to be an extremely flexible and straightforward language to use for such a task. There's...
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I’m back, baby!

Having spent the last month away from Siebel, I've missed posting about the cool software that I work with day to day. I've moved on with a very different focus, mainly around Business Intelligence and Cloud Computing. I'm having a lot of fun with Birst at the moment...
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Farewell and Good Luck!

As they say in Scotland, "tattie bye!" Siebel Tools has finally driven me to the point of no return and I have said farewell to the world of Siebel. It's been fun and I really hope Oracle make something of the product - it would be such a shame to waste a couple of...
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Siebel IP 2016

Siebel Innovation Pack 16 (AKA Siebel IP16 or just Siebel 16) has hit Oracle eDelivery! I kicked off a download of the installation media over the weekend and have been chipping away with the installation over the last couple of days. Nothing exciting to report at the...
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An ‘Active Users’ view using Server Manager and a VBC

I've recently implemented a very interesting requirement using my old favourite, the Virtual Business Component (VBC). VBCs are great and allow you to build your own recordset beneath a virtual BC definition that behaves (almost) exactly like an old fashioned BC. The...
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Siebel Logger 1.3

The limitations and quirks of Siebel Tools continue to drain my will to live the life of Siebel. I recently had the joys of debugging a Siebel Workflow process that was generating a SQL error - don't you love that the Workflow Simulator ignores the /S switch on the...
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