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A fellow Blogger, Jason, recently posted an article on creating an Exception Framework. I’ve also just started on a new engagement where my colleagues are building such a framework themselves. I still struggle to understand why Oracle haven’t built this into core Siebel yet!


Anyway, I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the true potential and purpose of the Siebel Store – to commoditise Siebel code and configuration.

As such, I’ve put together a very simple Exception Handling Framework for Siebel 8.x. The solution comprises a custom table, BC, BO, Applets, a View and Screen and a Business Service to provide a basic framework for logging and management of unexpected behaviour or debugging in your Siebel solution.

The package comes with a SIF file to import, a COM loader ready to load LOVs and some simulator files to test it all out in your environment. The idea is that it’s a complete package of functionality that you can bring into your Repository and use it immediately.


I’ve taken the unprecedented step of adding this to the store as a paid for download – the mighty sum of 49 Great British pennies (that’s 78 US cents or 60 Euro cents). A bargain, I’m sure you’ll agree, but more an interesting experiment to see if anyone really does want to spend money on Siebel code.