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The Store is still going strong – in terms of free downloads! Please consider purchasing some of the paid for items and submitting some code of your own.

I’ve opening up two new areas on the site:

Store FAQs

This new page contains a load of Frequently Asked Questions, divided into specific areas of Store functionality. Here you’ll find purchasing FAQs and details of how to submit items for consideration.


Store Forums

The forums have been setup to allow you to communicate with Store developers and the community in general. It’s here that you can raise issues that you have with The Store itself, items that you’ve downloaded from The Store. More importantly, there is a forum dedicated to product suggestions. Personally, I’m happy to accept challenges from the community as I do enjoy writing code! Please feel free to submit suggestions and requests and I’m sure someone out there will be happy to help – trhis is also key in growing the products available in The Store.