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Sometimes I look so hard at a problem, I miss the obvious solution. We’re getting ready to deploy OpenUI (yes, I know!) and I’m back trying to clone my Object Manager so as to have OpenUI and HI available to our pilot users.

I’ve messed around with the UI (copy record doesn’t work in Component Definitions and, even if you work around this, it doesn’t Deep Copy) and cfgmerge.exe (which only creates Server Manager scripts when a component exists in both environments) and have generally cobbled together a way to produce an exact copy my component definition.

So imagine my surprise when I happened to be looking in the Server Manager bookshelf pages the other day:

To copy a Siebel Server component definition:

dohAnd there you have it. No messing, no UI, no monkeying around with Server Manager scripts, just a simple way to duplicate your existing OM!

It’s always nice to find an easy way to do something you thought was hard, but on this occasion I’m quite embarrassed that I didn’t know this! Hopefully this will help someone in a similar situation when it comes to preparing for OpenUI pilot roll-outs!