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Articles for the blog have been few and far between and I can all but apologise. My two kids are growing and I myself grow more and more fond of spending time with them and less and less of writing about Siebel.

For now, I thought I’d share a quick tip that I use frequently.

I still, out of habit I suppose, use the ActiveX client when I’m debugging in Siebel Tools. I find it quicker and more reliable than the OpenUI client at the moment, but it may just be me. Anyway, I find that frequent compilation and debugging leaves dozens of orphan iexplore.exe processes hanging around, taking up resources. I put together a little script that I playfully call “kill_siebel.bat”. I hope you find it useful:

I’ll try to find some time to post more articles but now may be the time to call it a day. Let’s see how it goes.