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A requirement I’ve come across time and again with clients is to automatically generate correspondence via a Workflow or eScript. When automation is the key time and money saver, it’s frustrating for users to have to manually generate correspondence merges using eDocument – why can’t it be automated?

Oracle have made things difficult by driving the generation and submission process from Applet class methods: OnGenerateHTML and OnSubmitHTML. The UI context implied by these methods and their Applet class (CSSFrameListFulfilment) all point to a lack of support for automation.

Generating and submitting a request, with logging turned up on the eDocument component, reveals some interesting information. Specifically, the document server invokes a number of methods on a “Document Generator” Business Service. Now, Oracle state that this is an undocumented Business Service and that it’s use outside of the OnGenerateHTML and OnSubmitHTML methods is “unsupported”. But we’ve never let that stops us messing around, have we?

Invoking the Business Services “OnGenerateHTML” method on its own kicks off the document generation process but immediately crashes the Object Manager. However, closer inspection of the eDocument component log shows an invocation of a parameterless “Start” method, prior to calling any other methods. In our Workflow, calling this prior to the other methods seems to prevent the crash and allows us to generate requests without user intervention:


Automate Correspondence Generation in Workflow

Note that the “OnGenerateHTML” method has a single required parameter that is the ROW_ID of a “Correspondence Request” record. Simply use standard Siebel Operation steps in the Workflow to create a record, retrieve the Id and pass it to the method.

There are some great features in Siebel that can make life easier for the developer and improve the experience and ROI for the customer. It’s a real shame that Oracle chooses not to expose and document these for us to take advantage of in a supported solution. Still, it makes the discovery of these little gems all the more satisfying!