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The limitations and quirks of Siebel Tools continue to drain my will to live the life of Siebel. I recently had the joys of debugging a Siebel Workflow process that was generating a SQL error – don’t you love that the Workflow Simulator ignores the /S switch on the debugger command line options? Setting the SIEBEL_LOG_LEVEL environment variable will over come that but doing so requires restarting Siebel Tools AND the Web Client as well as generating huge log files for both siebel.exe and siebdev.exe.

I wrote a small C# tool years ago to interactively enable (and disable) SQL debugging on a running Siebel Developer Web Client instance. I’ve updated it with some small UI changes and made it available on the Siebel Store.


I eagerly await the arrival of Siebel CRM Composer, which will probably be the IDE of our dreams… Until then, I continue to work around the limitations of the aging, decrepit Siebel Tools.