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I’ve recently implemented a very interesting requirement using my old favourite, the Virtual Business Component (VBC). VBCs are great and allow you to build your own recordset beneath a virtual BC definition that behaves (almost) exactly like an old fashioned BC.


The steps to create a VBC are easy peasy:

  1. Create a new BC record, in Siebel Tools, specifying the class ‘CSSBCVExtern’. Call it ‘OLI – User Sessions VBC’
  2. Create a User Property on your new BC, called Service Name. Give it a value, ‘OLI – User Sessions BS’
  3. Create a couple of fields in your VBC: ‘CC Alias’ and ‘OM Login’, both as DTYPE_TEXT
  4. Create a new Business Service called ‘OLI – User Sessions BS’:
  5. You’ll need an ‘Init’ method:
  6. and you’ll need a ‘Query’ method:
  7. Create a new Applet and a new View using the Tools Wizards
  8. Add the view to a new or existing Screen
  9. Add the view to a Responsibility
  10. Job done!

I really, really like VBCs – you gain a lot of control over what you’re bringing into a record set.

Note you’ll need to set the ‘AdminRoles’ configuration parameter on Server Manager and set NSAdminRole in gateway.cfg and namesrvr.cfg, if you want users other than those with ‘Siebel Administrator’ Responsibility to see the results of your hard work!