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Siebel Logger 1.3

The limitations and quirks of Siebel Tools continue to drain my will to live the life of Siebel. I recently had the joys of debugging a Siebel Workflow process that was generating a SQL error – don’t you love that the Workflow Simulator ignores the /S switch on the debugger command line options? Setting the SIEBEL_LOG_LEVEL environment variable will over come that but doing so requires restarting Siebel Tools AND the Web Client as well as generating huge log files for both siebel.exe and siebdev.exe.

I wrote a small C# tool years ago to interactively enable (and disable) SQL debugging on a running Siebel Developer Web Client instance. I’ve updated it with some small UI changes and made it available on the Siebel Store.


I eagerly await the arrival of Siebel CRM Composer, which will probably be the IDE of our dreams… Until then, I continue to work around the limitations of the aging, decrepit Siebel Tools.

Siebel Tools 15 – Script Editor Crash Hilarity

I just had to share this with you as it made me laugh out loud – and weep just a little, inside.

We’ve been having countless issues with Siebel Tools since – it just seems to have been steadily broken over the years by careless modifications and a lack of QA. However, this bug in Siebel 15 takes the biscuit:

Doc ID 2040738.1 Siebel Tools 15.2 and crashes when attempting to open the Script Editor

Yup, editing script is not possible in the latest Patch Sets, without Tools crashing into a heap. How in the name of all things did this get through QA? I despair sometimes, I really do!

What’s so funny about that, though? Well, have a look at the “workaround”. Now, I’m not going to reproduce the text in full, as I suspect that’s against MOS policy, but let me summarize how Oracle suggest you get around Siebel crashing whenever you try to edit code.

Notepad- The NEW future of Siebel Tools

Notepad – The NEW future of Siebel Tools

First up, the reader is gently lulled with the statement: “It appears that a quite straightforward workaround is available“. This is in bold, so I’m even more re-assured that Oracle have got this issue nailed. The article goes on to make the following three, mind boggling recommendations:

Option 1

Set a non-scripted object to “Scripted=TRUE” and edit the non-existent scripts. Tools might then work for the duration of the session, but probably not and definitely not in 15.2

Option 2

Do not install 15.2 or Patchsets. Genius!

This is the highlight though:

Option 3

For the object you wish to update, expand in the object explorer and select the “Server Scripts” or “Browser Scripts” child objects. From there copy and paste the script text into a text editor. Edit the script then copy and paste it back into the list applet in Tools.

To me, this is a stroke of pure genius and probably a great workaround to Siebel Tools in general – just use something else, even Notepad. It can’t be any worse than this!

And there you have it. Yet again, Siebel Tools gets no love. In fact, it’s getting abused, tortured and beaten into submission by uncaring and careless developers. And who suffers? Us – the faithful developers and customers. Again.

Time to give Siebel Tools some TLC, Oracle!