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Siebel Utils Going Free!

I’ve put together many tools and apps over the years, mostly to help me learn the C# language, but also to help me on my quest to get the most out of Siebel. The Siebel Store was an experiment in “commoditizing” these tools and my code, and it hasn’t really worked very well given the nature of what we expect (i.e. everything for free) and how niche developers work together as a community (through mutual sharing).

In the true hacker spirit, therefore, I’m making all the tools completely free to download from now and for ever more. Simply head on over to the Software Store and choose your downloads – you don’t even need to be a registered user. I’m giving away:

Siebel Performance Log Analyser

Quickly see poorly performing SQL in your client or server SQL logs

Siebel Error Log Analyser

Quickly and easily identify critical “SBL” errors in your log files

Siebel Logger

Dynamic dedicated web client logging – and yes, it supports Siebel IP 17!

MSMQ Explorer

Advanced Microsoft MSMQ queue management in one handy app

I hope these tools help you on your own journey’s towards Siebel greatness!

Siebel Log Analyser

While investigating a problem with an upgrade, I realised just how difficult it is to navigate Siebel log files; especially if they have been generated with log level 5. So, using a fantastic custom C# control called “Object List View“, I put together a very simple tool to strip out error and warning codes and display them in a way that is easy and useful to navigate:

The panel on the left allows you to sort and group by the column headings, so you can see exactly how many level 1 errors you have. I find it really useful.

As part of this tool, I want to allow the user to select an error from the list and have some guidance displayed on the nature of the error and how to go about addressing it:

MEssageDetailUsing the rather snazzy errmsg.exe tool, I’ve been able to extract all 26,000(!) messages from What I want to do now is provide “suggested actions” for each of the errors.

It may take me some time to fill in the “Suggested Action” for each of them – does anyone fancy lending me a hand?

Siebel Store – 500th Download!

Okay, so it’s no iTunes or Play Store, but the 500th item from the Siebel Store has now been downloaded!


The experiment that it The Siebel Store has been a really, really interesting one. I suppose it’s no surprise that free downloads have been gobbled up by passers by and very little in the way of actual sales have been made. Still, it was never about the money and it’s good to know that there is some demand out there for Siebel software.

If you’re at all interested, here’s a break down of downloads to date:

DownloadNumber of Downloads
Open UI Contact Tiles77
Siebel LOV Uploader66
Siebel Logger61
Repository Analyser60
SQL Analyser46
Siebel Utils Collection
Open UI See-Through Applets
UTC Date To Siebel Date
Profile Hunter
String To Base64
dotMailer Connector – Sample
Open UI Contact Relationships
Repos Analyser – Client
MQ Test Harness
Contact Google Maps
Repos Cleaner
Repos Analyser – Source
Siebel Logger – Source
Exception Framework
SQL Analyser – Source
MQ Test Harness – Source

Please don’t hesitate to visit the Siebel Store Forums to request new downloads or suggest improvements to The Store.

Store FAQ and Forum – Now Open

The Store is still going strong – in terms of free downloads! Please consider purchasing some of the paid for items and submitting some code of your own.

I’ve opening up two new areas on the site:

Store FAQs

This new page contains a load of Frequently Asked Questions, divided into specific areas of Store functionality. Here you’ll find purchasing FAQs and details of how to submit items for consideration.


Store Forums

The forums have been setup to allow you to communicate with Store developers and the community in general. It’s here that you can raise issues that you have with The Store itself, items that you’ve downloaded from The Store. More importantly, there is a forum dedicated to product suggestions. Personally, I’m happy to accept challenges from the community as I do enjoy writing code! Please feel free to submit suggestions and requests and I’m sure someone out there will be happy to help – trhis is also key in growing the products available in The Store.


Contact Tiles – OpenUI

Siebel genius Kirk Leibert has submitted an absolutely awesome contribution to the Siebel Store – a brand new Applet type, using OpenUI technology, displaying contacts as business card style tiles. The product is called Open UI Contact Tiles and is available now from the Siebel Store!


This really is the true spirit of the Siebel Store and just goes to show what amazing innovations are out there for us all to share. Thank you very much Kirk for sharing this brilliant piece of work with us. You can find the details of how it’s all put together in a series of articles, starting with this one on the Siebel Essentials blog.

I’d like to remind readers that the Siebel Store Forum is open for business and registered users can submit ideas for other innovative Siebel products right here. If you’ve got a great idea, or if there’s something you’re stuck with and need some great Siebel minds looking into it, please start a new topic and we’ll see what we can do!

Exception Framework

A fellow Blogger, Jason, recently posted an article on creating an Exception Framework. I’ve also just started on a new engagement where my colleagues are building such a framework themselves. I still struggle to understand why Oracle haven’t built this into core Siebel yet!


Anyway, I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the true potential and purpose of the Siebel Store – to commoditise Siebel code and configuration.

As such, I’ve put together a very simple Exception Handling Framework for Siebel 8.x. The solution comprises a custom table, BC, BO, Applets, a View and Screen and a Business Service to provide a basic framework for logging and management of unexpected behaviour or debugging in your Siebel solution.

The package comes with a SIF file to import, a COM loader ready to load LOVs and some simulator files to test it all out in your environment. The idea is that it’s a complete package of functionality that you can bring into your Repository and use it immediately.


I’ve taken the unprecedented step of adding this to the store as a paid for download – the mighty sum of 49 Great British pennies (that’s 78 US cents or 60 Euro cents). A bargain, I’m sure you’ll agree, but more an interesting experiment to see if anyone really does want to spend money on Siebel code.