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New Store Submissions!

Thank you ever so much Rahul Jain for his kind contribution of the Siebel Profile Hunter! This handy little Excel based tool can be used to find instances of profile attributes across a number of entities in your Siebel configuration.


Download it now for FREE in the Siebel Store!

I also couldn’t resist adding the old favourite Siebel Mash Up – Google Maps! – as a downloadable product. The download includes all the applet, view and symbolic link configuration that you need to get started with a Contact Address ‘Google Maps’ applet. It just felt right that the store should have this!

The Store is growing slowly – any other contributions would be greatly welcomed!

I’ve also opened up the Store Forum as a place for people to raised questions about items they’ve downloaded and, perhaps more importantly, suggest ideas for new products. If you’re visiting and don’t find what you need, please take a minute to create a topic stating what it is that you’d like to see. I’ll do my very best to make it happen.

Happy shopping!

The Store is Open to Submissions!

I think I’ve ironed out most of the technical issues with the store. All seems to be running well and I’ve secured the site to stop those nasty spambots from being a pain.

I’ve also had my first contribution in the form of the OpenUI See Through Applets product crafted by the fair hand of Alex Hansal.


I’d like to open up the Store to more external contributors. If you’re interested, have a look at the following criteria:

  1. Do you have an interesting idea?
  2. Have you developed an elegant, well documented and best practice based solution in Siebel?
  3. Is the solution your own, developed by you, in your own time? We will NOT accept submissions that are the intellectual property of others, including clients on whose sites you may be working or have worked
  4. Would you like to share your work with thousands of like minded Siebel professionals?
  5. Are you happy to give your work away for free? For now anyway…

If you can answer “yes!” to all of the above, please drop me a line via our Contact page. You’ll then need to prepare:

  • A unique title for your product
  • A detailed description, including an explanation of what it is and screenshot(s) if applicable
  • A 150×150 pixel JPG ‘Featured Image’ for use in the store
  • The product itself, packaged in ZIP format and including any installation instructions, if required

It would be great to see some interest in contributions – I know there are some great guys and girls out there doing this stuff so I’d love to hear from you.

The Siebel Store is Open!

So, though I didn’t get much feedback from my earlier post I still thought it would be an interesting experiment to set up The Siebel Store ™.

Now, I’m happy to declare that we’re open for business! 🙂


I’ve used an absolutely fantastic, and FREE, plugin called Easy Digital Downloads to set up the store – hats off to the authors of this amazing WordPress plugin.

This is really just a proof of concept for now but future versions of the store will allow community contributions, paid for content and other functionality. I’ve already lined up got some downloadable contributions from some very special guest authors – stay tuned for more! 🙂

Peruse the store, maybe buy something (for FREE!) and let me know what you think.