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Visual Studio Community Edition

I’m a massive fan of Visual Studio and writing C# code. The only problem is, it makes Siebel Tools look like a child’s toy and reminds me of how little Tools has evolved over the years! 😉

Siebel Repository Analyser C# Code

Siebel Repository Analyser C# Code

Anyway, I’ve been an avid user of the “Express” edition of Visual Studio for years but it has always had its limitations – in particular, a lack of support for plugins such as the amazing “ReSharper” toolset.

Last month, Microsoft announced the release of Visual Studio “Community” edition which remedies these short comings. It is essentially a fully fledged Visual Studio without some of the “Enterprise” elements of the full product.

It’s a great product and if you’re interested in coding your own tools and apps, I’d encourage you to take advantage of this great free software.

Siebel Log File Analyser

I’ve put together a very simple tool (seriously simple, it’s only around 50 lines of C#) that I’ve found quite useful. It will scan a Siebel log file for instances of SBL* errors and warnings and will present these in a sortable list along with the error severity. I wrote this when first applying and the IRM caused the whole application to keel over whenever I tried to connect to the Object Manager. I just needed a simple way of identifying the “severity 1” error codes so that I could quickly address the underlying root cause.

It’s really just a mechanism to see “the wood for the trees”, segregating and highlighting error codes amongst the plethora of chaff that the Siebel logging engine spits out:

LogAnalyserScreenShotA feature that I’m tinkering with is an XML based database of all Siebel error and warning codes. The database ships with the installer and currently has over 26,000 error messages logged. Over time, these entries will get a “Suggested Resolution” that will be displayed when a log line is selected. It may take a while for me to populate all 26K though!

The tool is free to download and use and comes with an automatic updater to receive future updates and fixes, all for free. You can download, as usual, from The Siebel Store.

Siebel Log Analyser

While investigating a problem with an upgrade, I realised just how difficult it is to navigate Siebel log files; especially if they have been generated with log level 5. So, using a fantastic custom C# control called “Object List View“, I put together a very simple tool to strip out error and warning codes and display them in a way that is easy and useful to navigate:

The panel on the left allows you to sort and group by the column headings, so you can see exactly how many level 1 errors you have. I find it really useful.

As part of this tool, I want to allow the user to select an error from the list and have some guidance displayed on the nature of the error and how to go about addressing it:

MEssageDetailUsing the rather snazzy errmsg.exe tool, I’ve been able to extract all 26,000(!) messages from What I want to do now is provide “suggested actions” for each of the errors.

It may take me some time to fill in the “Suggested Action” for each of them – does anyone fancy lending me a hand?

MSMQ Explorer 1.3

On a more positive note following my earlier posts, I’ve been tweaking my MSMQ Explorer tool some more. It’s a nice change to work in Visual Studio after a hard day in Siebel Tools! 😉

The latest version has a number of new features:

  • Redesigned UI
  • Scintilla.NET controls with XML code highlighting and folding
  • Bug Fixes

It can be found in the Siebel Store for download today.