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MSMQ Explorer Tool to send and receieve messages. Click image for bulk license options

The Siebel Log Analyser is a simple tool that searches for and extracts instances of Siebel Errors and Warnings. It simply searches for "SBL-xxx-yyy" error codes and presents them in a useful List View, along with the severity of the error, ordered by highest severity.

A simple tool to identify poorly performing SQL via your SQL spool logs. The tool retrieves and orders prepare, fetch and execute output to allow easy identification of the worst performing SQL in a client or server spool log.

An Excel based loader tool, demonstrating access to the COM Data Server via VBA. The tool can be used "as is" or further customised to support loading of all sorts of customer and administration data.

A simple Siebel dynamic logging tool. When connected to a dedicated web client, allows dynamic toggling of SQL spooling and addition of debugging comments to the specified log file.