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Configuring OBI Applications

After my last article, I’ve been wrestling with the installing documentation for Oracle Business Intelligence Applications – the new name for Siebel Analytics. I’m pleased to say that, a few niggles aside, the process of getting this up and running is pretty straight forward! I’ve summarised the steps below and included some details of the issues I came up against and how I resolved them.

After downloading and installing the basics, there were a few additional bits and pieces that were required:

  • Java JDK 1.5 is recommended – I originally had JDK 6 update 20 installed but this caused problems with the DAC user interface
  • DAC is installed with OBIA – there is no need to download and install this separately
  • Oracle 11g client is fine, but you should download and from the 10g JDBC driver site at Oracle
  • There is some fiddling required with .JAR files for both database connectivity and ‘Hibernate3.2’ – both must be copied to DAC\lib

That’s about it really – following the instructions from the Oracle BI Applications documentation was surprisingly simple and successful!

Please feel free to post your experiences.

Installing Oracle BI Applications (Siebel Analytics)

We’ve seen Siebel Analytics in use at a number of client sites, but I’ve rarely had an opportunity to get to grips with it. I performed some base installations a long while back, from a set of instructions, but that’s pretty much it. I’ve recently had a lot of interest in what’s happing in this space and have decided to revisit what is now Oracle Business Intelligence Applications. In this post, I’ll share with you my experience of downloading, installing and configuring this set of tools.

Downloading is very straight forward. Visit Oracle eDelivery, select the ‘Oracle Business Intelligence’ Product Pack and your requirement platform. Select Oracle Business Intelligence Applications for Oracle Data Integrator Media Pack for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) then download and unpack the following ZIP files:

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications
  • Informatica PowerCenter and PowerConnect Adapters 8.6.1

Installation has a number of steps:

  1. Set yourself up a Windows 2003 / 2008 virtual server. I’m still using Windows Virtual PC.
  2. Install Oracle 11g database using the Enterprise option
  3. Create a new database (I always create SIEBDATA and SIEBINDX tablespaces) and create INF, OLTP and DAC users
  4. Install the OBI Suite
  5. Install the OBI Applications
  6. Install Informatica PowerCenter Server, Client, Siebel Server / Repository, Siebel Client and hot fixes

This should all be pretty straight forward. The fun comes in actually configuring the applications and getting it all up and running together. The subject of a future post, I’m afraid!