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Siebel Code Challange – #12

It’s been a while since I ran a Code Challenge. Times are busy, kids are growing, life is hectic. However, I came across some behaviour that was begging to be made into a challenge. As such, I give you this mighty slice of eScript delight!

As usual, no prize of a pint to the first to spot the problem with the following code:

Answers below, please!

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Code Challenge – Improving the Aurora Toolbar

As a quick deviation from messing around with Siebel 15, I thought I’d pose a little challenge to blog readers. Now, this is not in direct competition with the Siebel Hub’s “Coding Challenge” but is in a similar vain. I hope the Siebel Hub Team will forgive me.

Take a look at the screenshot below:



Let me ask you one question: what the hell is with that god-awful toolbar?

“Grey”, “Tangerine”, “Aurora” and “Synergy” have continued to improve both the UI experience and enhance the classes and structures allowing developers to fine tune and customise the look and feel of OpenUI. But what is it with that toolbar? It looks like something from a Windows 95 application of old:


Wordpad in Windows 95

So here’s the challenge:

What changes could you make, or have you made, to make the Aurora toolbar look a little less rubbish?

I’ve enabled the ability to add image attachments to comments, so upload your screenshots below. The best entry will win a voucher for a free* Siebel Hub Trucker Hat. Now could be your time to bridge the infamous gap between the trucker and Siebel communities. This be be your only chance.

Note that simply removing the offending toolbar is not an acceptable entry into the competition.

(* not free)

Exception Framework

A fellow Blogger, Jason, recently posted an article on creating an Exception Framework. I’ve also just started on a new engagement where my colleagues are building such a framework themselves. I still struggle to understand why Oracle haven’t built this into core Siebel yet!


Anyway, I thought this would be an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the true potential and purpose of the Siebel Store – to commoditise Siebel code and configuration.

As such, I’ve put together a very simple Exception Handling Framework for Siebel 8.x. The solution comprises a custom table, BC, BO, Applets, a View and Screen and a Business Service to provide a basic framework for logging and management of unexpected behaviour or debugging in your Siebel solution.

The package comes with a SIF file to import, a COM loader ready to load LOVs and some simulator files to test it all out in your environment. The idea is that it’s a complete package of functionality that you can bring into your Repository and use it immediately.


I’ve taken the unprecedented step of adding this to the store as a paid for download – the mighty sum of 49 Great British pennies (that’s 78 US cents or 60 Euro cents). A bargain, I’m sure you’ll agree, but more an interesting experiment to see if anyone really does want to spend money on Siebel code.


Siebel Code Challenge – #11

A real doozy today! We came across this when debugging an incident – see if you can spot the mistake in the following eScript:

As usual, please add your comments below. No prize this time – I have a family to feed you know. 😉

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Siebel Code Challenge – #10

Really quick one today! I found this in loads of code at my latest project – can you identify the problem?

Answers below, please!

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