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Article Ideas Wanted!

You might have noticed that the world of Siebel is becoming a lot more open. Five or so years ago, Siebel kept their cards very close to their chests: there were very few blogs, no discussion forums or independently published books. Outside of SupportWeb and Bookshelf, you were on your own.

Whether it’s changing times or Oracle’s intervention, the technology is opening right up: blogs galore, open discussion forums hosted by Oracle, free downloads from eDelivery and several books hitting the shelves of Amazon. These are good times for the community and gives us a great opportunity to share our knowledge and skills and help each other out.

So I’ve posted some articles, garnered some responses and hopefully helped a few people out.

What I’d like to know from anyone visiting is, what would you like me to post about? Are there any specific areas that you’d like me to cover? Any burning questions you’d like me to answer?

I’m open to suggestions as at the end of the day this site is about informing and helping other people. Comments or emails welcome!