Happy Christmas for 2015!

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again and The Siebel Tech Blog is shutting it’s doors to the cold, dark winter months.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Siebel Tools 15 to be Visual Studio Plugin

UPDATE: Just a quick update to advise readers to check the date of the post. Apologies to those readers not familiar with this cultural oddity!

There is much discussion and rumour abound around IP2015 and the new Siebel Composer functionality. There’s also some good news about a more straightforward versioning scheme for future Siebel releases.

A recent announcement from Oracle, however, got me really excited – Siebel Composer 15, as it’s to be named, will be delivered with both a Web Based front end and a Visual Studio plugin! And I’ve been privvy to a snapshot of how it’s going to look. This is obviously an early alpha and so is subject to significant change:


The face of Siebel CRM Composer 15


I’ve said before that Visual Studio is the perfect IDE and it’s so exciting to finally hear that Oracle is embracing this platform to deliver a better experience to the developer.

When IP 2015 hits the shelves, what are your plans for phasing out Siebel Tools? I’d be interested if you would like to record your thoughts via the poll below.

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SQL Log Analyser 1.5

I’ve released an updated version of my Siebel SQL Log File Analyser:


The new version will now read and parse locally generated SQL spool files. Simply generate a log file using the /s switch on the Siebel Dedicated Client command line and load it into the tool. You’ll then see an ordered list of the slowest performing SQL; double clicking an entry will take you to the beginning of the SQL block in question.

You can download the tool now from the Siebel Store and use the Help > Check for Updates… menu item to download the new version.

Oracle Statement of Direction for IP2015 – Siebel Composer

You will probably already know that Oracle have released their Statement of Direction (SoD), outlining the proposed content of Innovation Pack 2015. In keeping with previous IP releases, I would expect this to drop around November / December of this year.

The SoD document itself is pretty dry and some of the “innovations” aren’t as exciting as I might have liked (seriously, enhanced help text on installation wizard screens?). However, one item jumps out: Siebel CRM Composer (Developer Preview).

So long, Siebel Tools!

So long, Siebel Tools!

This item is begging for screenshots but instead we are given some high level statements about what CRM Composer might give us:

  • Siebel CRM Composer allows multiple instances of application functionality to be created: Finally, versioning of configuration objects in the Siebel Repository
  • [Ability for configuration to be] placed into production via the web based administrative user interface with no downtime: The end of the SRF? Here’s hoping!
  • Obviates the need for proprietary web templates: Are we going to see the end of all external file based configuration?

This is fantastic news from Oracle and, given my well known and slightly irrational hatred of Siebel Tools, something I’m really excited about. Not only is this news exciting from a developer perspective, Siebel Composer could finally take full fat Siebel into the cloud. I doubt SalesForce.com are quaking in their boots, but this may well give them something to think about.

It looks like another exciting year for Siebel!

Christmas Shutdown

2014 has flown by and much has happened over here at Ollerenshaw Towers: a new addition to the family, in the shape of wee Callum Ollerenshaw, and the arrival of IP2014! It’s been a fun and challenging year and I don’t expect 2015 to be any different. We’ve seen Siebel go from strength to strength over the last 12 months and I’m convinced now that the nae-sayers who foretold the end of Siebel have been firmly put back in their boxes! Personally, I’m looking forward to IP2015 and the transformation of Siebel Tools – well, one can but dream!

We’ll be shutting our blog doors for the Winter but will be back in January with more Siebel fun and games. Until that time, wishing you all a very


and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Oli Ollerenshaw