Siebel Logger 1.3

The limitations and quirks of Siebel Tools continue to drain my will to live the life of Siebel. I recently had the joys of debugging a Siebel Workflow process that was generating a SQL error – don’t you love that the Workflow Simulator ignores the /S switch on the debugger command line options? Setting the SIEBEL_LOG_LEVEL environment variable will over come that but doing so requires restarting Siebel Tools AND the Web Client as well as generating huge log files for both siebel.exe and siebdev.exe.

I wrote a small C# tool years ago to interactively enable (and disable) SQL debugging on a running Siebel Developer Web Client instance. I’ve updated it with some small UI changes and made it available on the Siebel Store.


I eagerly await the arrival of Siebel CRM Composer, which will probably be the IDE of our dreams… Until then, I continue to work around the limitations of the aging, decrepit Siebel Tools.

Siebel Repository Analyser – FREE!

After years of plugging away at my C# / Siebel experiment, I think it’s time to call it a day. I enjoyed working on the Repository Analyser mainly as an educational experiment for myself but also as a tool to help others. I’ve learned all I can from it and it’s time to move on to something else.

Siebel Repository Analyser C# Code

Siebel Repository Analyser C# Code

As such, from today the Repository Analyser source code is now available in a public Github project that you are free to use, modify and defile at your own risk.

I will no longer be enhancing the tool but will continue to support existing users via the forums.

Thanks to all who supported the development of the software.

Killing Siebel Softly

Articles for the blog have been few and far between and I can all but apologise. My two kids are growing and I myself grow more and more fond of spending time with them and less and less of writing about Siebel.

For now, I thought I’d share a quick tip that I use frequently.

I still, out of habit I suppose, use the ActiveX client when I’m debugging in Siebel Tools. I find it quicker and more reliable than the OpenUI client at the moment, but it may just be me. Anyway, I find that frequent compilation and debugging leaves dozens of orphan iexplore.exe processes hanging around, taking up resources. I put together a little script that I playfully call “kill_siebel.bat”. I hope you find it useful:

I’ll try to find some time to post more articles but now may be the time to call it a day. Let’s see how it goes.

Repository Analyser 1.16 Released

I’ve been tweaking the Script Search functionality in the Siebel Repository Analyser recently. Thank you to blog reader Nuno for the suggestions!


The script search supports some new, shiny functionality:

  • Option to ignore case
  • Output now includes whether the script is Browser or Server script
  • Option to export the search results to HTML, CSV or printed Report
  • New syntax highlighting in the script pane

The tool is available from the Siebel Store and the new version can be obtained by simply selecting Help > Check for Update…

SQL Log Analyser 1.5

I’ve released an updated version of my Siebel SQL Log File Analyser:


The new version will now read and parse locally generated SQL spool files. Simply generate a log file using the /s switch on the Siebel Dedicated Client command line and load it into the tool. You’ll then see an ordered list of the slowest performing SQL; double clicking an entry will take you to the beginning of the SQL block in question.

You can download the tool now from the Siebel Store and use the Help > Check for Updates… menu item to download the new version.